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Garment Relabelling Service

Add a custom, retail finish to your wholesale garments with our relabelling service.

Here at Hemming Birds we offer a relabelling service where we remove an existing neck label and replace with your own custom branded label - something widely used by the apparel and workwear industries. We can immediately transform any garment from a stock item to a bespoke garment that looks professional and provides you with extra brand awareness.

Garment relabelling works well with both printed labels and woven labels and we even offer the the addition of swing tags for those professional finishing touches for retail or fashion brands.

Get in Touch to speak with our team about minimum order quantity and how we can help you label and relabel your garments.

A Person Removing a Tag from a Shirt

Relabelling Options

Sewing Machine

Cut & Sew

With cut and sew relabelling we cut out the old manufacturers labels and stitch your new woven or printed label as close as possible to the neck tape of your t shirt.

This method is quick and cost effective, perfect for those on a budget.

Many wholesale brands now offer tear out tags which can be much more easily removed before adding your own new label so you may want to look at clothing suppliers that offer tear out tags.

A person holding a clothes hanger with a blank shirt label with no logo

Unpick & Sew

Instead of cutting out the old labels we unpick the neck tape in order to completely remove the manufacturer's label. Your new woven or printed label is then inserted and stitched into the neck tape for a seamless finish.

This method is more time consuming but gives a much more professional finish to any t shirt or other wholesale garments.

Swing tags can be added to garments for a professional finish and is used by many brands


We can add swing tags or individually bag your garments into branded bags, add barcode labels etc. to make them retail or consumer-ready and look professional.  

Our top relabelling tops

Care instruction label removal is not recommended when relabelling

  • Likewise, fibre content, flammability and country of origin are a legal requirement so labels with this information must be retained or replaced.

  • Relabelling should only ever be done on wholesale or stock garments (also known as 'white label' garments) - relabelling other non-wholesale items is a copyright infringement.

  • Decide whether woven labels or printed labels best suit your brand identity, you will need to find a company who offer label embroidery if you are looking at choosing a woven label.

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