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Relabelling – Add a custom, retail finish to your stock garments with our relabelling service. We can remove an existing neck label and replace with your own label. We can immediately transform any garment from a stock item to a bespoke garment that looks professional.

We offer the whole relabelling package. Including, direct to garment label printing, tax tabs, rubber badges, swing tags, bagging or packaging etc.

Happy to do small runs starting at just 50 quantity, we also have the capacity to do run’s into the thousands.


Packaging service – Do you need your products organised, packed and sent out to your customers. We can help with this.


Work wear Solutions – Hemming Birds is able to provide the perfect fitting work wear. You will find a lot of stock suppliers cannot provide clothing that fits all. For example, shortening of work trousers, we can offer this service at ease, with our team of seamstresses.


Perfect fit – Hemming Birds offers tailoring for a range of industry garments, such as: Office clothing, nurse’s tunics, beauty tunics, hospitality, school wear, sports clubs and service personnel.


Badges and epaulettes – All of these can be added to your work wear, we have provided this service for many in the medical industry and the services.


If you have a large workforce in need of fittings we can send a seamstress to you, if you are within a certain distance to us.


Small manufacturing runs – With industrial machinery at our finger tips, we are able to take on small production runs. If we are unable to fulfil the order we can put you in touch with other UK companies that can help.


Stock issues – Our past experience tells us that your suppliers may not be able to always supply what you need, when you need it. For example there may be hundred’s of trousers available in a waist 36″ and typically you are in need of 34″. This is were we can help. Send them straight to us and we will amend to the required sizing. Any similar situation, Hemming Birds team of seamstresses can usually help.

Logistical issues – Do you have a problem in your work place? If you just had a component to help you. Would you be able to work more efficiently? We are here to help bring your ideas to life and if we can help you create a product we will!

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